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No Agent Left Behind

Redefining Excellence With H.O.P.E


Dynasty has one mission

To make sure that we always provide the proper tools, instruction, & support to ensure that all of the members of our organization can provide the life they dreamed of for themselves and their loved ones!

About Dynasty

The George Region is not just a company but a Culture, our leaders and agents are dedicated to not only personal success but focused on Helping families and individuals every day. The office is built by support and teamwork from a diverse group of amazing individuals who make work fun and develop lasting relationships to goes far beyond office hours. We also are not a company just focused on making a quick dollar but set up our agents for long term wealth to ensure they are successful for years to come!


Dakota Oddo

“I pride myself on working every day to build a unique culture, sharing my knowledge with my agents, and developing our leadership on the right way to lead our growing team of successful agents.”

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Sam Lamy

"Success is the product of dedication, consistency, and innovation through adversity while living as a servant leader."

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Our Culture

Our core mantra is ensuring we are Helping Other People Every day, and this goes for our customers as well as our agents. Our leaders and agents are not only dedicated to individual success but the success of all of their team members. We have strived as a company due to our focus on ensuring our agents have a strong balance of work and time to spend making lifelong memories with friends and family!



USHA shows why the American dream is still real and alive regardless of your current situation.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are. If you work hard you can truly be successful with USHA.



“I should have started sooner…” is something that almost every health advisor says once they have tasted success at US Health.


The most engaging and supportive work environment I've had the privilege of being apart of.

The financial opportunities and sense of empowerment this company has provided me is something I will forever be grateful for.

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